Financial production, flows and stocks in the system of national accounts

image of Financial production, flows and stocks in the system of national accounts

This Handbook aims to provide practical guidance on the calculation and allocation of the production of various types of financial services and issues related to the compilation of the financial account and balance sheets by institutional sector in the context of from-whom-to-whom relationships. The Handbook complements the 2008 SNA and related manuals, handbooks and guides. The concepts are described and defined in line with the 2008 SNA. Where appropriate, illustrative worked examples with step-by-step guidance are provided in the Handbook to give compilers and users a better picture of how to apply and interpret the various concepts. The Handbook is useful for staff working in national statistical offices, national central banks, international organizations and other institutions engaged in collecting, compiling and disseminating national accounts data, specifically on the financial corporations sector and financial account, and for users requiring a better understanding of such data.



Financial corporations within the system of national accounts 2008 framework

This chapter provides an overview of the financial corporations sector and its subsectors within the framework of the 2008 SNA. It defines and describes financial corporations, as well as the subsectors of the financial corporations sector. The chapter also describes the various ways in which financial corporations can be grouped for various purposes.


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