Fixing Haiti

MINUSTAH and Beyond

image of Fixing Haiti
References to the land of the black Jacobins are almost always followed by the phrase the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere”. To that distinction, on 12 January 2010, Haiti added another, when it was hit by a devastating natural disaster, a 7.0 Richter scale earthquake. Since 2004, the United Nations has been in Haiti through MINUSTAH in an ambitious attempt to help Haiti raise itself by its bootstraps. This effort has now acquired additional urgency. Is Haiti a failed state? Does it deserve a Marshall-planlike programme? What will it take to address the Haitian predicament? In this book, some of the world’s leading experts on Haiti examine the challenges faced by the first black republic, the tasks undertaken by the United Nations, and the new role of hemispheric players like Argentina, Brazil and Chile, as well as that of Canada, France and the United States.



UNPKO and the Latin American forces

Peacekeeping operations (PKO) arise from a mandate of the United Nations, which, through the Security Council, adopts collective measures to maintain international peace and security. Although this has been a key goal of the United Nations since its inception, the term “peace operation” itself is not found in the text of the UN Charter. The framework in which PKOs are initiated, developed and activated is found in Chapters VI, VII and VIII of the UN Charter. Chapter VI refers to peaceful conflict resolution; chapter VII to actions undertaken in response to threats to peace, the interruption of peace or acts of aggression; and Chapter VIII is tied to regional agreements, stating specifically that the United Nations is not opposed to these alliances if they are geared toward peacekeeping and regional security, and only if their actions are compatible with the principles and goals of the United Nations (2010).


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