Fostering Economic Policy Coordination in Latin America

The REDIMA Approach to Escaping the Prisoner's Dilemma

image of Fostering Economic Policy Coordination in Latin America

This work aims to provide some useful elements for addressing specific issues related to coordinating policies among sovereign nations in a world undergoing globalization and subject to increasing uncertainty. It has a twofold objective: to provide clear positions regarding options for Latin American integration, and to publicize the REDIMA experiment, as well as the momentum behind it and the proposals issued through it. REDIMA is the acronym of the Spanish and Portuguese name of the Macroeconomic Dialogue Network, implemented in Latin America by ECLAC in cooperation with the European Commission.




Heartfelt thanks to all of the ECLAC staff for their excellent cooperation during my mission in Santiago and in the region. Particular thanks to José Antonio Ocampo, Executive Secretary of ECLAC, and Raynaldo Bajraj, Deputy Executive Secretary, for the assistance and enthusiastic support they have shown throughout, as well as to the former and current Director of the Economic Development Division, Hubert Escaith and Manuel Marfán, during the time REDIMA was being implemented, for the excellent contributions to REDIMA provided by them and their entire staff at the Economic Development Division.


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