Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics 2013

image of Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics 2013

This multi-purpose conceptual and statistical framework provides an organizing structure to guide the collection and compilation of environment statistics at the national level. Though recommended for use by countries at any stage of development, its primary objective is to guide countries at early stages in the development of their environment statistics programmes by: (i) delineating the scope of environment statistics and identifying its constituents; (ii) contributing to the assessment of data requirements, sources, availability and gaps; (iii) guiding the development of multipurpose data collection processes and databases; and (iv) assisting in the co-ordination and organization of environment statistics, given the inter-institutional nature of the domain. It adequately responds to the increasing demand for information in the follow-up to Rio+20 and the Post-2015 Development Agenda.




The revised Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics (FDES 2013) consolidates the experience of countries and international organizations in the field of environment statistics. It has been developed in close collaboration with the Expert Group on the Revision of the FDES, which reviewed successive drafts of the FDES 2013 and commented on the issue papers drafted by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), other experts who provided advice on specific subjects, as well as countries and organizations that took part in the Pilot Test of the Core Set of Environment Statistics and responded to the Global Consultation of the final draft of the FDES 2013. The revision was a complex process that entailed organizing the substantive contributions and participation of experts, countries and organizations from around the world at different stages of the process over a three-year period.


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