From Niche to Mainstream: Halal Goes Global

image of From Niche to Mainstream: Halal Goes Global
This ITC publication provides a detailed overview of the global halal food and beverage market, including up-to-date trade figures and an informed perspective of the market landscape and its dynamics. It provides an excellent introduction to anyone encountering the halal market for the first time by giving trade data on the key sub-sectors of the halal marketplace. At the same time, it shares a depth of understanding of many of the complex issues that are particular to the halal sector and, in doing so, allows the reader to gain a comprehensive view of the market landscape.

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Drivers of Halal food and beverage markets

The halal market is a complex and fragmented jigsaw puzzle, still fluid and expanding. Variables based on cultural assumptions, habits and preferences, different interpretations of Shariah law and the global nature of food-product supply chains add to this complexity. To understand the growth and evolution of the halal market, it is useful to focus on forces that are driving this market forward.

English French, Spanish

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