Guidelines on Integrated Economic Statistics

image of Guidelines on Integrated Economic Statistics

The motivating source of developing guidance for the operational use of an integrated approach to economic statistics in national statistical programmes has been the benefits of integrated economic statistics for nationally and internationally coordinated economic policy. The methodological and practical guidelines in this publication respond to the recognized need for an integrated approach to increase the coherence and consistency of basic economic statistics for enhancing the quality and analytical value of both basic economic statistics and macroeconomic statistics. The Guidelines build upon international standards manuals by describing principles and detailed practices for further increasing the consistency and coherence of economic data within countries, over time, and across countries.



Statistical production process of integrated economic statistics

The integration of economic statistics facilitates statistical reconciliation and ensures that the messages that economic statistics deliver are consistent and coherent. Statistical reconciliation in economic statistics is a task that has traditionally been performed within the national accounts and other macro accounting and classification frameworks. Macro-adjustments made within those frameworks provide more consistent and coherent sets of statistics. Adopting a common conceptual framework throughout the statistical production process would undoubtedly reduce the reconciliation measures applied to survey and administrative sources when preparing integrated statistics and accounts. The implementation of those measures requires a significant amount of coordination between staff across the different statistical agencies involved at the various stages of the statistical processes.


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