Guidelines on the Use of Registers and Administrative Data for Population and Housing Censuses

image of Guidelines on the Use of Registers and Administrative Data for Population and Housing Censuses

The main purpose of this publication is to provide the producers of population and housing censuses with guidance on the use of registers and administrative data for censuses, including operational, practical, technical and legal aspects. Although various United Nations recommendations on population and housing censuses include a brief description of how registers and administrative data can be used for censuses, this is the first publication entirely dedicated to this subject. The publication was prepared by a task force composed of leading census experts from national statistical offices. The publication primarily targets national statistical offices and other agencies responsible for census taking, and is also expected to be valuable for users of census results.




The present publication was prepared by the UNECE Task Force on Register-based and Combined Censuses, with contributions of the following members: Eric Schulte Nordholt (Netherlands, Chair of the task force), Adelheid Bauer (Austria), Julie Trépanier (Canada), Diana Beltadze (Estonia), Thomas Koerner (Germany), Stefan Dittrich (Germany), Stefan Schweinert-Albinus (Germany), John Dunne (Ireland), Yael Feinstein (Israel), Gerardo Gallo (Italy), Donatella Zindato (Italy), Christine Bycroft (New Zealand), Harald Utne (Norway), Janusz Dygaszewicz (Poland), Sandra Lagarto (Portugal), Anabela Delgado (Portugal), Paula Paulino (Portugal), Danilo Dolenc (Slovenia), Becky Tinsley (United Kingdom), Vincent Mule (United States), Adam Wronski (Eurostat), David Thorogood (Eurostat), Sorina Vaju (Eurostat), and Paolo Valente (UNECE). The document was edited by Ian White. The contribution of all these experts is acknowledged with much appreciation.


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