Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities

image of Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities
The newly revised and renamed Handbook reflects the recommendations of the expert group meetings and regional workshops on geographic information systems (GIS) and census-mapping. It covers both managerial and operational needs in considerable detail. The Handbook addresses organizational and institutional issues that concern statistical agency heads and other managers; and it explicitly addresses technical and practical issues that concern census cartographers and takers. It also contains some examples of country practices in the application of GIS, global positioning systems (GPS) and digital mapping used in censuses contributed by some of these experts.

English Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian


Thematic map design

The present annex presents a brief overview of design considerations for making thematic maps. This overview cannot cover all the issues surrounding information content of maps, however; if necessary, a textbook should be consulted. Cartographers distinguish between several types of maps. General purpose maps serve as a reference frame for orientation. They show mostly real geographic features that can be observed on the ground. These features are either natural—rivers, mountains, coastlines—or man-made, such as roads or settlements. Reference maps also show features that are not visible on the ground. The best example are political boundaries and the reference grid showing latitudes and longitudes. Topographic maps fall into this category of general-purpose or reference maps. They play an important role in the mapping of enumeration areas as they provide information about features that an enumerator uses for orientation in the assigned work area.

English Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish

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