Handbook on the Least Developed Country Category

Inclusion, and Graduation and Special Support Measures

image of Handbook on the Least Developed Country Category
The present Handbook contains a comprehensive explanation of the criteria, procedures and methodology used in establishing which countries are eligible for inclusion in, or recommended for graduation from, the Least Developed Countries (LDC) category. It also provides an overview of the special support measures that can be derived from having least developed country status and the implications of graduating from the list in terms of the potential loss of such measures. The Handbook aims at promoting a better understanding of the LDC category and the benefits derived from membership therein. Accordingly, the publication is intended for use by government officials, policymakers, researchers and others interested in the particular development problems and challenges faced by low-income developing countries.




The present publication is a collaborative undertaking of the Committee for Development Policy and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Aff airs. Special acknowledgement should be given to the contributions of Patrick Guillaumont, who so generously gave of his eminent expertise and experience as a long-standing member of the Committee dealing with the least developed country category. Several other members of the Committee also merit special mention for their contributions to the preparation of the Handbook: Albert Binger, Olav Bjerkholt, Philippe Hein and Suchitra Punyaratabandhu. Acknowledgement is also extended to Annet Blank and Taufi qur Rahman of the World Trade Organization for their valuable suggestions and inputs to chapter II, and to Pierre Encontre of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development for his contribution to chapter I. The publication also relied on the support of the secretariat of the Committee for Development Policy under the general supervision of Rob Vos, Director of the Development Policy and Analysis Division, and the team leadership of Ana Luiza Cortez, Secretary of the Committee, who counted on excellent substantive support from Roland Mollerus, Hiroshi Kawamura, Carl Gray and Simon Cunningham.


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