Human Development Report 1991

image of Human Development Report 1991
This report is about financing human development. A single powerful idea runs through it – that the potential is enormous for restructuring national budgets and international aid in favour of human development. It lays foundations for a fresh set of priorities. It aims to refine further the concepts and the methods of measurement – and to distil more practical experience from many countries. Another aim is to do more research and analysis on participatory development and to examine the global dimensions of human development, looking at familiar international issues from a human perspective. The final message of this Report is one of hope. If we can mobilize the political base for action – nationally and globally – the future of human development is secure.



Technical notes

Human Development Report 1990 defined human development as the process of increasing people's options. It stressed that the most critical choices that people should have include the options to lead a long and healthy life, to be knowledgeable and to find access to the assets, employment and income needed for a decent standard of living.


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