Human Development Report 1992

image of Human Development Report 1992
The world has a unique opportunity in the current decade to use global markets for the benefit of all nations and all people. This report looks at the workings of these global markets – at how they meet, or fail to meet, the needs of the world’s poorest people. The global issues in this Report supplement the analysis of domestic policy issues in the first two Reports. It attempts to analyse global markets from a human perspective. It presents a disturbing new analysis of the global distribution of income and opportunities 00 demonstrating that income disparities have in recent years widened dramatically. It concludes that if developing countries are to trade on a more equal basis, they will need massive investments in people – because knowledge and the mastery of new technology are a country’s best competitive advantage today.



Global markets, poor nations, poor people

The disparities in the distribution of global economic opportunities between rich and poor nations are, as chapter 3 has shown, widening. There are many reasons for this, both domestic and international. This chapter focuses on only two of the reasons: the role of international markets in this process, and the impact of human development on a country's performance in international markets.


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