Human Development Report 1993

image of Human Development Report 1993
The challenge for development is to identify the best route to unleash people’s entrepreneurial spirit – to take risks, to compete, to innovate, to determine the direction and pace of development. Every institution – and every policy action – should be judged by one critical test: how does it meet the genuine aspirations of the people? This is the vision national and global decision-makers must consider if the 1990s are to emerge as a new watershed in peaceful development – and if the 21st century is to see the full flowering of human potential all over the world. It is fitting, therefore that this year’s Human Development Report has people’s participation as its special focus.



People and markets

Free markets provide the most efficient mechanism yet devised for the exchange of goods and services-impersonally matching supply and demand, bringing together buyers and sellers, employers and workers, and constantly setting and resetting prices so that the economy works at peak efficiency. Free enterprise provides a mechanism for unleashing human creativity and entrepreneurial ability.


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