Human Development Report 1995

Gender and Human Development

image of Human Development Report 1995
The theme of the 1995 Human Development Report is gender and human development. The sixth in an annual series prepared by an independent team of eminent economists and social scientists, it analyses global trends in closing and widening gender gaps in different regions and countries. It shows graphically, that no country treats its women as well as its men and identifies a new action agenda for promoting gender equity in the decades ahead. This report has been prepared in advance of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in September 1995.



Towards equality

Upholding the equality of rights is not an act of benevolence by those in power. It is needed for the progress of every society. Such equality has been enshrined in global and national commitments from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1945) and the Vienna Human Rights Declaration (1993) to various national constitutions. The reality, however, is that women do not share equally with men in the' opportunities, benefits and responsibilities of citizenship and development.


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