Human Development Report 1997

image of Human Development Report 1997
The Human Development Report's eighth annual edition continues its tradition of updating the unique Human Development Indicators comparing human development in most countries of the world, and the data tables on all aspects of human development. The 1997 edition focuses on the goal of eradicating extreme poverty in the early 21st century and views this goal as completely attainable, regarding it as a moral imperative to which almost all countries committed themselves at the World summit for Social Development in 1995.



Overview: Human development to eradicate poverty

The great success in reducing poverty in the 20th century show that eradicating severe poverty in the first decades of the 21st century is feasible. This may seem an extraordinary ambition, but it is well within our grasp. Almost all countries committed themselves to this goal at the World Summit for Social Development in 1995. And many, including some of the largest, have embarked with all the seriousness necessary to achieve it.


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