Human Development Report 1998

image of Human Development Report 1998
Prepared by a team of eminent economists and distinguished development professionals, Human Development Report 1998 reviews the challenges that all people and all countries face - to forge consumption patterns that are more environmentally friendly, more socially equitable, that meet basic needs of all and that protect consumer health and safety. This book marshals environmental, developmental, technological and moral arguments to present a critique of consumption patterns that are inimical to human development and an agenda for action to create an enabling environment for sustainable consumption for human development.



Consumption from a human development perspective

Consumption of goods and services is a constant activity in daily life—yet it is not the ultimate end of the lives that people lead. We consume for a purpose, or for various purposes simultaneously. Thus the role of consumption in human lives cannot be comprehended without some understanding of the ends that are pursued through consumption activities. Our ends are enormously diverse, ranging from nourishment to amusement, from living long to living well, from isolated self-fulfilment to interactive socialization.


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