Human Development Report 2000

Human Rights and Human Development

image of Human Development Report 2000
Human Rights and Human Development provides a thought provoking analysis of these two interrelated and intertwined issues. Human rights and human development are mutually reinforcing and culminate in enlarged human freedom. The Report traces the history of struggle for human rights as a common human experience and outlines the new frontier of the rights agenda for the 21st Century. Human Development Report 2000 demonstrates the ways in which human rights enrich human development goals: adding moral force and ideas of claims, duties and obligations. This Report proposes strategies for promoting development that also protect and further human rights, with significant implications for a pro-human rights approach to development. This publication includes and updates the widely respected Human Development Indicators that compare the relative levels of human development in most countries of the world, and presents data tables on all aspects of human development.



Inclusive democracy secures rights

The democratic liberalization sweeping the world is making transitions more civil. One of the more remarkable transitions: in Senegal President Abdou Diouf’s loss in an open election in February 2000 ended four decades of one-party rule. Senegal became part of the refreshing trend in Africa of leaders leaving office through the ballot, a rare occurrence until recently. Yet despite undoubted benefits, the transition to democracy in many countries remains imperilled, insecure, fragile. The spread of democracy is important, but we must not overlook the challenges and dangers.


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