Human Development Report 2003

Millennium Development Goals – A Compact among Nations to End Human Poverty

image of Human Development Report 2003
Human Development Report 2003 overviews successes and failures of development over the last decade and presents a bold action plan on how nations can achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The plan, entitled “Millennium Development Compact,” lists six policy areas where a number of countries need to make progress to reach the MDGs. The plan argues for a big step-up in resources to ensure that these countries meet the Goals and invites donor countries to keep their promises. Human Development Report 2003 includes the first full set of data indicating the status of each goal in every country.



Policy, not charity: What rich countries can do to help achieve the goals

This chapter analyses the role of rich countries in the international compact to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, a compact that leverages the global commitments to reducing poverty by building on mutual responsibilities between poor and rich countries. Poor countries must improve governance to mobilize and manage resources more effectively and equitably. Rich countries must increase aid, debt relief, market access and technology transfers.


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