Human Development Report 2003

Millennium Development Goals – A Compact among Nations to End Human Poverty

image of Human Development Report 2003
Human Development Report 2003 overviews successes and failures of development over the last decade and presents a bold action plan on how nations can achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The plan, entitled “Millennium Development Compact,” lists six policy areas where a number of countries need to make progress to reach the MDGs. The plan argues for a big step-up in resources to ensure that these countries meet the Goals and invites donor countries to keep their promises. Human Development Report 2003 includes the first full set of data indicating the status of each goal in every country.



Private finance and provision of health, education and water

For a number of reasons governments often finance and provide basic social services—basic health care, primary education, water and sanitation. One reason is that because such services are public goods, their market prices alone would not capture their intrinsic value and social benefits. Basic education benefits not only the individual who gains knowledge, it also benefits all members of society by improving health and hygiene behaviour and raising worker productivity.


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