Human Development Report 2010

The Real Wealth of Nations – Pathways to Human Development, 20th Anniversary Edition

image of Human Development Report 2010
The Human Development Report has had a profound impact on development policies around the world. The 2010 Report continues the tradition of pushing the frontiers of development thinking. For the first time since 1990, the Report looks back rigorously at the past several decades and identifies often surprising trends and patterns with important lessons for the future. These varied pathways to human development show that there is no single formula for sustainable progress—and that impressive long-term gains can and have been achieved even without consistent economic growth. Looking beyond 2010, this Report surveys critical aspects of human development, from political freedoms and empowerment to sustainability and human security, and outlines a broader agenda for research and policies to respond to these challenges.




This Report is the fruit of the advice, contributions and support of many people. Preparation of any global Human Development Report (HDR) is a daunting task—and especially so on such an auspicious anniversary. I would like to especially thank Amartya Sen for his strategic advice and wisdom and Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Frances Stewart and Michael Walton for their helpful intellectual inputs and feedback. My family, Ema, Josh and Billy, were patient and supportive throughout. The HDR depends on the dedication and hard work of the research team and the staff of the Human Development Report Office (HDRO). The continued success of the Report owes much to the support of UNDP Administrator Helen Clark.


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