Human Development Report 2013

The Rise of the South - Human Progress in a Diverse World

image of Human Development Report 2013
This report identifies more than 40 developing countries that have done better than expected in human development terms in recent decades. It analyzes the causes and consequences of these achievements and the challenges they face. Each of these countries has its own unique history. Yet they share important characteristics and face similar challenges. They are increasingly interconnected and interdependent and their peoples are increasingly demanding to be heard, as they share ideas through new communications channels and seek greater accountability from governments and international institutions. The report identifies policies rooted in the new global reality that could promote greater progress. With fresh analytical insights and clear proposals for policy reforms, the report helps chart a course for people in all regions to face shared human development challenges together, fairly and effectively.



The state of human development

From Brazil to South Africa to India to China, the largest developing countries have become major drivers of the global economy. In 2012, however, even the most vigorous economies of the South began to be affected by the financial problems of the North. Struggling to emerge from a debt crisis and large budget deficits, many developed countries are imposing severe austerity programmes that are not only causing hardship for their own citizens, but are also undermining the human development prospects of millions of other people across the world.


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