Human Development Report 2015

Work for human development

image of Human Development Report 2015
This report takes a broad view of the link between work and human development. Work is a critical tool for economic growth and security, poverty reduction and gender equality. It enables full participation in society while affording people a sense of dignity and worth. Humans working together not only increase their material well-being, they also accumulate a wide body of knowledge that serves as the basis for cultures and civilizations. The report finds that work enhances human development when policies are taken to expand productive, remunerative and satisfying work opportunities. Workers' skills and potentials are enhanced, their well-being in terms of rights, safety and benefits are ensured with targeted interventions, and an agenda incorporating decent work, a new Social Contract and a Global Deal is pursued.

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Human development and work: progress and challenges

Over the past two decades, the world has made major strides in human development. Today, people are living longer, more children are going to school and more people have access to clean water and basic sanitation. This progress goes hand in hand with increasing incomes, leading to the highest standards of living in human history. A digital revolution connects people across societies and countries. Just as important, political developments enable more people than ever to live under democratic regimes. All these are important facets of human development.

English Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish

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