Industrial Development Report 2002-2003

Competing Through Innovation and Learning

image of Industrial Development Report 2002-2003

This is the first publication in a new UNIDO series devoted to the various dimensions of industrial development. This series is intended to build on development policy experience and to advance the frontiers of current thinking, with a focus on the least developed countries. This report reviews the following topics: the ingredients of growth with equity; the predicament of the least developed countries; shortcomings of today’s policy models; spreading access to income-generating assets; providing greater symmetry in the costs and benefits of international compacts; and caring about future generations.



Global industrial activity

THE NEW INDUSTRIAL SETTING IS CHANGING THE NATURE AND pattern of global industrial activity. Production, trade and innovation are shifting between activities and countries. Rapid technical change is boosting some activities and shrinking others. Economies are exploiting to different degrees the opportunities from new technologies, freer trade and more mobile productive resources. As a result there have been big variations in industrial performance-in, say, the growth of output and exports or the upgrading of manufacturing's technological structure. These variations are particularly marked in developing countries, where industrial capabilities vary considerably. But they are also evident in industrialized countries. (Detailed tables on selected indicators of industrial performance and drivers at regional and income levels are presented in the statistical annex.)


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