Industrial Development Report 2004

Industrialization, Environment and the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa - The New Frontier in the Fight against Poverty

image of Industrial Development Report 2004

The Industrial Development Report is intended to build on development policy experience and contribute to a refinement of the international development agenda. The Report pays special attention to current needs and capabilities in the developing countries in general, and the least developed among them in particular. The 2004 edition addresses the challenges faced by Sub-Saharan African countries in furthering their efforts towards poverty reduction and reaching the Millennium Development Goals.



Industrial development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Structural transformation – specifically the growth of manufacturing and of services – is a pre-requisite for rapid and sustainable poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). To achieve their income poverty Millennium Development Goal (MDG), SSA countries must more than double the rate of per capita income growth achieved in the last few years. Conversely, economic growth and structural transformation depend on reaching the MDG thresholds themselves.


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