Industrial Development Report 2004

Industrialization, Environment and the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa - The New Frontier in the Fight against Poverty

image of Industrial Development Report 2004

The Industrial Development Report is intended to build on development policy experience and contribute to a refinement of the international development agenda. The Report pays special attention to current needs and capabilities in the developing countries in general, and the least developed among them in particular. The 2004 edition addresses the challenges faced by Sub-Saharan African countries in furthering their efforts towards poverty reduction and reaching the Millennium Development Goals.



Benchmarking industrial performance

The previous Industrial Development Report introduced a scoreboard of industrial performance and suggested how it could be used in the formulation of industrial strategy. At its core was a competitive industrial performance (CIP) index, benchmarking 87 economies in 1998 and 80 economies in 1985. This issue extends and updates the original CIP index. It ranks economies in three years, 1980, 1990 and 2000, and covers more countries: There is a ‘core group’ of 93 economies with data for all three years, and there are maximum numbers of countries for the three years, namely, 107 in 1980, 108 in 1990 and 155 in 2000 (the surge in the last year being largely due to the inclusion of a number of transition economies).


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