Industrial Development Report 2009

Breaking In and Moving Up - New Industrial Challenges for the Bottom Billion and the Middle-Income Countries

image of Industrial Development Report 2009

The report discusses the opportunities and constraints faced by two groups of countries: the countries of the bottom billion trying to break into global markets for manufactured goods, and the middle-income countries that are striving to move up to more sophisticated manufacturing. It focuses predominantly on manufacturing, but also discusses resource extraction, which is the other major type of industrialization in developing countries.




Over the past 30 years industrial growth has been accelerating in developing countries. The miracle economies of East Asia transformed themselves into industrial powerhouses within a generation, and the unprecedented pace of industrialization in China and India has lifted millions out of poverty. Exports of manufactures have been growing much more rapidly than the production of manufactures for many years, and developing countries are gaining a global market share. Industry seems to be making a historic absolute shift to the developing part of the world.


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