Industrial Development Report 2011

Industrial Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Wealth Creation - Capturing Environmental, Economic and Social Dividends

image of Industrial Development Report 2011

This Report demonstrates that a more sustainable energy future is within our reach, and that industrial energy efficiency is key. It shows how industrial energy efficiency can make a difference by providing a detailed comprehensive global assessment of potentials, technologies, economic benefits, as well as cost and barriers to be removed. It provides an overview of the policy instruments most useful for developing economies. This innovative work also reminds us that we must act now if we are to unlock the potential of current and emerging energy efficiency technologies. The opportunities are significant — by reducing energy inputs per unit of output we will benefit from improvements in standards of living while protecting the environment.




Since the Industrial Revolution and the introduction of steam power, industrialization has produced goods that have improved living standards around the world. The greater availability of a broader range of manufactured products has been based on a substantial expansion in the use of energy. Over the past 200 years, energy consumption per capita has increased, and overall energy consumption is unlikely to decline in the foreseeable future.


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