Industrial Development Report 2016

The Role of Technology and Innovation in Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development

image of Industrial Development Report 2016
This report looks at how technology and innovation achieves inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID). Its main finding is that ISID is feasible and technology can simultaneously serve all three dimensions of sustainability, including economic, social and environmental. Rapid inclusive and sustainable industrialization can happen more frequently provided that policymakers firmly steer the industrialization process with opportune policies and avoid past mistakes. In some cases, the spread of technology has not materialized in concrete growth opportunities because of the lack of technological capabilities. Innovation needs to be supported by interventions strengthening the process from invention to adoption, as capabilities are developed and high tech manufacturing sectors are created, seeing higher rates of sustainable growth.




The Industrial Development Report 2016 was prepared under the overall guidance of LI Yong, Director- General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). It is the result of two years of intense research efforts, fruitful discussions and close collaboration between the members of a cross-organizational team headed by Ludovico Alcorta, Director of the Research, Statistics and Industrial Policy Branch at UNIDO. This lengthy and at times arduous endeavour was coordinated by Nicola Cantore, Industrial Development Officer (UNIDO), who played an instrumental role in the successful completion of the report. The other members of the UNIDO core team, without whom this report would not have been possible, were Michele Clara, Smeeta Fokeer, Nobuya Haraguchi, Alejandro Lavopa, Ascha Pedersen, Miriam Weiss and Shohreh Mirzaei Yeganeh.


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