Information Economy Report 2005

E-Commerce and Development

image of Information Economy Report 2005

This Report illustrates the vigorous efforts being undertaken by many developing countries to catch up with their more developed partners in the dissemination and use of ICT. However, it also shows that the gaps are still far too wide and the catching-up far too uneven for the promise of a truly global information society, with its attendant benefits for sustainable social and economic development, to materialize without the sustained engagement of national Governments, the business sector and civil society, and the tangible solidarity of the international community.




The Information Economy Report 2005 was prepared under the overall direction of Peter Fröhler, Officer-in-Charge of UNCTAD’s Division for Services Infrastructure for Development and Trade Efficiency (SITE). It was written by a team led by Geneviève Féraud, Chief of the Electronic Commerce Branch, and consisting of the following UNCTAD staff members: Cécile Barayre, Dimo Calovski, Scarlett Fondeur Gil, Angel González Sanz, Muriel Guigue, Rouben Indjikian, Carlos Moreno, Marta Pérez Cusó and Susan Teltscher.


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