Information Economy Report 2007-2008

Science and Technology for Development - The New Paradigm of ICT

image of Information Economy Report 2007-2008

The world economy is increasingly driven by technological innovations. UNCTAD’s Information Economy Report 2007-2008 analyses the current and potential contributions of information and communications technology (ICT) to knowledge creation and diffusion. It looks at how developing countries use technology to generate innovations that improve the livelihoods of the poor and support enterprise competitiveness. It also examines the impact of ICTs on productivity and growth, international trade and employment in developing countries.



Measuring the impact of ICT on production efficiency

The economic impact of information and communication technologies is a complex subject of great interest to both developing and developed countries, particularly in the context of globalization. Previous editions of UNCTAD’s Information Economy Report, formerly known as the E-Commerce and Development Report, have addressed this issue from a variety of angles in order to provide a comprehensive view of how and how much ICTs matter to economies and develoment. The first edition of the ECDR (2000) showed through its computable general equilibrium estimates that developing countries would be at a disadvantage in terms of income and welfare if they fell too much behind as regards ICT use. In the meantime, ICTs have evolved, improved and become more widespread and constitute a very dynamic sector of economic activity. Developing countries’ exports of ICT goods and services have grown spectacularly, establishing new international specialization patterns. At this stage it is important to establish to what extent ICTs have impacted on economic growth. The analysis of differences in economic gains from ICT between countries, industries and firms aims at revealing where most positive effects have occured and where new efforts should focus.


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