Information Economy Report 2010

ICTs, Enterprises and Poverty Alleviation

image of Information Economy Report 2010

The Information Economy Report 2010: ICT, Enterprises and Poverty Alleviation is the fifth in the flagship series published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). As one of few annual reports that monitor global trends related to information and communication technologies (ICTs) from a development perspective, the Report is a valuable reference source for policymakers in developing countries. In the 2010 edition, special attention is given to the potential impact of ICTs in enterprises for reducing poverty and improving livelihoods. The evidence presented in this Report suggests that more attention should be given by policymakers and other stakeholders to opportunities in this area.




Fighting poverty lies at the heart of the efforts of the United Nations to promote the economic and social well being of the world’s people. In order to meet the internationally agreed development goals, especially the Millennium Development Goals, every possible avenue must be fully explored. Today there is particular promise in new, technology-based solutions that did not exist a decade ago, when the Goals were first articulated and endorsed. With that in mind, this year’s Information Economy Report looks at the potential role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in creating new livelihoods and enhancing the productivity of enterprises of direct relevance to the poor.


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