Information economy report 2013

The cloud economy and developing countries

image of Information economy report 2013
The Information Economy Report 2013 contributes a nuanced appraisal of the potential role and value of cloud computing in developing and transition economies. It does so by looking at three main areas: current status of the cloud economy in developing countries, potential impacts and, building on these, elaborates on policy and regulatory approaches to facilitate adoption and use of the cloud and to maximize gains from it. This is the first time a United Nations Secretariat report examines the implications of cloud computing for developing countries.



Policy Recommendations

The emergence of the cloud economy has implications for countries at all levels of development. Whereas a general shift to the cloud can stimulate major gains in efficiency, productivity and economic growth, these are not automatic. Where they are realized, they will be unevenly distributed, geographically, within societies and over time. There are also potential pitfalls, some of the most important of which are related to data security and privacy. It is important, therefore, for both individual Governments and the international community as a whole to consider policy responses that can help bring about development outcomes from the cloud economy which are as favourable as possible.


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