Innovation Performance Review of Tajikistan

image of Innovation Performance Review of Tajikistan
The Innovation Performance Review of Tajikistan contains the outcomes of a policy advisory exercise that drew on the experience accumulated by the UNECE in the identification of good practices and policy lessons in the area of knowledge-based development, with particular reference to the problems of countries with economies in transition. It provides a set of recommendations and policy options to stimulate innovation activity in the country, enhance its innovation capacity and improve the overall efficiency of the national innovation system.



Knowledge transfer, generation and absorption

Tajikistan, as a lower-middle-income economy, will have to focus predominantly on importing, absorbing and adapting to its own specific needs, knowledge and innovations from abroad. The scientific generation of knowledge for innovation that is globally new can only play a minor role under present conditions. Innovation is largely implemented by users or in their interaction with suppliers of machinery and equipment. Most often, innovation will be new to local firms and to the country and will be focused on adaptation of new equipment and mastering production capability through learning by doing. Most innovations will be incremental in nature, demand driven, and mainly based on learning, adoption and adaptation. They are local learning-based innovations, being diffused mainly within the country and based on adoption and adaptation. 36


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