Innovative Financing for Development in Asia and the Pacific

Government Policies on Impact Investment and Public Finance for Innovation

image of Innovative Financing for Development in Asia and the Pacific

To meet the ambitions of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, financing for development needs to be dramatically scaled up. Innovative financing has the potential to bridge this gap by attracting private sector capital to support development objectives and by repurposing private sector financing instruments to address persistent development challenges. This report features a diverse selection of case studies on innovative financing mechanisms that have been implemented across the Asia-Pacific region. The report calls for governments to provide incentives for the private sector to move from economic-driven investments to impact investments generating social, environmental and financial returns and offers strategic recommendations based on the lessons learned from experiences in the region.



Strategic leadership models for impact investing

The SDGs aim to positively impact the economy, society and the environment. The balanced integration of these three dimensions of sustainable development must be the basis of future investment and financing strategies. The economic dimension generally dominates investment and financing decisions, thus the policy environment must incentivize investors to maximize synergies and minimize trade-offs between the objectives of economic growth, inclusive social progress and environmental protection.


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