International Recommendations for Distributive Trade Statistics 2008

image of International Recommendations for Distributive Trade Statistics 2008

The publication provides recommendations on the concepts, definitions, classifications, data sources, data compilation methods, approaches to data quality assessment, metadata and dissemination policies applicable in distributive trade statistics. The recommendations also cover some specific topics that have been identified as requiring additional guidance such as the treatment of informal sector units, compilation of indices of distributive trade and seasonal adjustment. The information is consistent with those issued in other fields of economic statistics and has been harmonized with the System of National Accounts 2008 (2008 SNA).

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Data items and their definitions

The present chapter provides summary definitions of data items of distributive trade statistics recommended for compilation and dissemination, together with definitions of additional data items derived from the basic system. Some of the data items may not exist or they may be of minor importance for certain economies. Compilers are encouraged to use the list of data items as reference in order to develop a list in accordance with their own statistical circumstances, respondent load and available resources and, after having determined the data items to be placed on the list, should use the definitions presented consistently.

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