International Recommendations for Distributive Trade Statistics 2008

image of International Recommendations for Distributive Trade Statistics 2008

The publication provides recommendations on the concepts, definitions, classifications, data sources, data compilation methods, approaches to data quality assessment, metadata and dissemination policies applicable in distributive trade statistics. The recommendations also cover some specific topics that have been identified as requiring additional guidance such as the treatment of informal sector units, compilation of indices of distributive trade and seasonal adjustment. The information is consistent with those issued in other fields of economic statistics and has been harmonized with the System of National Accounts 2008 (2008 SNA).

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Scope of distributive trade statistics

Economic activity. In general, the term “economic activity” is understood as referring to a process, that is to say, to the combination of actions carried out by a certain entity and resulting in a specific type of products (goods and services). An activity is characterized by (a) an input of resources; (b) a production process; and (c) an output of products. By convention, one single activity is understood as a process resulting in a homogeneous type of products. It is recognized that one activity may consist of one simple process or may cover a whole range of sub-processes, each of which might be classified in a different activity category. For statistical purposes, an entity engaged in a given activity may be treated as either simple or complex. A simple entity is not subdivided into parts to which activities are attributed, while a complex entity is, by definition, composed of several sub-entities, each of which is seen as performing a specific activity.

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