International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics 2008

Compilation Guide

image of International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics 2008

International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics 2008 Compilation Guide is a companion document to the International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics (IRTS 2008). The primary purpose of this Compilation Guide is to provide further clarifications and practical guidance for using sources and methods to compile statistics on tourism. It is designed to support the production of a high quality set of basic data and indicators in each country, and to strengthen the international comparability of tourism statistics. The Compilation Guide was prepared by national compilers of tourism statistics, experts from international and regional organisations, and by staff of UNWTO.



Classifications relevant for tourism statistics

The present chapter commences with a brief overview of the relevant classifications. The demand-side classifications of products and the classifications applied to visitors, trips, modes of transport, purpose of trip and forms of accommodation are examined in section B. Section C discusses the classifications of productive activities applied in describing supply. Section D focuses on the reconciliation between tourism demand and tourism supply, which permits information from different sources to be compared. Classifications of tourism-related occupations are considered in section E. The last section considers the need to link international classifications to each country’s specific classifications as well as its particular tourism reality.


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