International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC), Rev.4

image of International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC), Rev.4
The International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC) is the international reference classification of productive economic activities. The publication's main purpose is to provide a set of activity categories that can be utilized for the production of statistics according to activity, i.e., production and national income, economic, demographic, and social statistics. This is an important tool for comparing statistical data on economic activities at the international level.



The underlying principles of the classification

22. In the study of economic phenomena, taking all elements into account simultaneously is not always possible. For the purposes of analysis, certain elements need to be chosen and grouped according to particular characteristics. Thus, all economic phenomena that are to be described in the form of statistics require systematic classification. Classifications are, so to speak, the system of languages used in communication about, and statistical processing of, the phenomena concerned. They divide the universe of statistical data into categories that are as homogeneous as possible with respect to those characteristics that are the objects of the statistics in question.


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