Investment and Economic Reform in Latin America

image of Investment and Economic Reform in Latin America

This book is a part of a project to study the economic reforms implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean in the last two decades. This publication analyzes the investment process and attempts to link macroeconomic aspects to sectoral, microeconomic and institutional factors. Thus, it examines the impact of structural reform, institutional change and market structures in conjunction with important legal and regulatory aspects. The book also contributes to the understanding of the investment process in the context of the economic reforms.




The recent economic reforms in Latin America undoubtedly represent a milestone in the region’s history and account for many of the transformations that occurred there in the 1990s. In this context, it is important to ask what has happened with investment. Is investment exceeding historical levels? Has it been allocated to the right sectors to boost competitiveness and ensure steady growth? Or have the reforms served to weaken the investment process, in the context of the globalization and economic internationalization that characterize today’s world? These are the principal questions this study attempts to answer.


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