Investment and Economic Reform in Latin America

image of Investment and Economic Reform in Latin America

This book is a part of a project to study the economic reforms implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean in the last two decades. This publication analyzes the investment process and attempts to link macroeconomic aspects to sectoral, microeconomic and institutional factors. Thus, it examines the impact of structural reform, institutional change and market structures in conjunction with important legal and regulatory aspects. The book also contributes to the understanding of the investment process in the context of the economic reforms.



Synthesis and conclusions

This book has presented an analysis of capital accumulation in Latin America over the last decade. Although it only studied eight countries, together they account for 80% of the population and almost 90% of regional output. The analytical focus considered macroeconomic, sectoral and microeconomic factors, together with their effects on capital formation. This methodology enabled us to assess the impact of structural transformation, institutional change, market structure and firms’ strategies with regard to investment decisions. Sectoral analysis made it possible to identify resource allocation after the reforms and the strengths and weaknesses generated as a result.


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