Investment Policy Review - Armenia

image of Investment Policy Review - Armenia

The Investment Policy Review of Armenia makes concrete policy recommendations on how Armenia can improve its investment climate, attract higher inflows of foreign direct investment and derive more benefits from them.




This report was prepared by the Investment Policy Reviews (IPR) Section under the supervision of Chantal Dupasquier, Chief of the Section, Division on Investment and Enterprise (DIAE). Overall guidance was provided by Joerg Weber, Head of the Investment Policies Branch, DIAE. James Zhan, Director of DIAE, UNCTAD provided guidance on overall framework and strategic approach of the IPR. The report was drafted by Rory Allan, Ariel Ivanier and Massimo Meloni. Substantive inputs were provided by Joseph Clements, Hamed El Kady and Mxolisi Artwell Ngulube.


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