Investment Policy Review - Botswana

image of Investment Policy Review - Botswana

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been the driving force in moving the economy of Botswana from that of a least developed country status to one of a middle-income country. The country aims to continue this rapid growth while at the same time diversifying its economy. This paper reveals how the government plans to develop national business development through citizen empowerment, while at the same continuing to seize opportunities to attract FDI. The following topics are covered in this report: Botswana's track record in attracting FDI, the investment framework for FDI in Botswana, the impact of FDI on Botswana's national development objectives, and proposed recommendations and conclusions with regard to FDI policy in that country.



The investment framework

Botswana has undoubtedly been successful in attracting FDI and managing it since independence. Arguably, it has balanced an open regime for FDI with giving due consideration to specific sensitivities of emerging local business interests. However, FDI policy is now undergoing a re-evaluation, which is unduly afflicted with doubts and caution. This is in obvious contrast with the growing liberalization of FDI regimes elsewhere in the world.


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