Investment Policy Review - Ecuador

image of Investment Policy Review - Ecuador

The Investment Policy Review is intended to help countries improve their investment policies and to familiarize Governments and the international private sector with each countries' investment environment. It is hoped that the analysis and recommendations in this review will contribute to an improvement of policies, promote awareness of investment opportunities and serve as a catalyst for increased investment in Ecuador.



Conclusions and recommendations

Ecuador has considerable potential for attracting FDI, which can be turned into investment opportunities with appropriate policies and programmes. Ecuador's bold stabilization programme comprises the dollarization of the economy, rigorous fiscal discipline, flexible labour market rules and a comprehensive privatization programme coupled with attractive rules to encourage FDI. The omnibus law approved by Congress in March 2000 set a new legal, economic and social framework for reforms aimed at restoring stability, resuming growth and achieving social consensus. New measures, including the restructuring of the financial system, an improved banking supervision, a successful re-negotiation of Ecuador's external debt and a significant improvement in the price of oil have contributed to a more optimistic investment climate. Economic recovery is under way and inflation has slowed down.


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