Investment Policy Review - Ecuador

image of Investment Policy Review - Ecuador

The Investment Policy Review is intended to help countries improve their investment policies and to familiarize Governments and the international private sector with each countries' investment environment. It is hoped that the analysis and recommendations in this review will contribute to an improvement of policies, promote awareness of investment opportunities and serve as a catalyst for increased investment in Ecuador.




Ecuador, like many developing countries, aims at increasing the role of foreign direct investment (FDI) in its development not only through attracting more FDI but also through benefiting from it more in terms of technology, employment, exports, skills and, in general, competitiveness. To achieve this, Ecuador, in concert with other member countries of the Community of the Andean Nations (CAN), liberalized FDI policies in the early 1990s. In addition, it opened up its economy to international trade,reformed its tax and fiscal systems and tried to initiate a privatization programme.


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