Investment Policy Review - Egypt

image of Investment Policy Review - Egypt

The Investment Policy Review of Egypt gives insight into the country's investment environment and policies. The publication discusses foreign direct investment (FDI) trends and the steadily increasing flow of FDI into Egypt. It also reviews the investment policy framework, which has improved the business climate; analyzes the attractiveness of Egypt as a location for FDI and the role that FDI plays in the Egyptian economy. It also illustrates the potential for upgrading FDI in selected industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, tourism, electronics and software.



Investment opportunities in selected industries

Egypt enjoys comparative advantage not only in natural resources, but also in several manufacturing industries including textiles, engineering, metals, pharmaceuticals and food processing. These industries are expected to attract FDI to meet a growing domestic demand, but the potential for export should also be tapped. There are also exports niches in particular product groups where Egyptian affiliates could develop global production.


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