Investment Policy Review - Ghana

image of Investment Policy Review - Ghana

Ghana is making a comeback in terms of attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) after the economy had suffered a temporary setback in 1998. This publication reviews the investment climate in the West African nation. It is divided into four parts. The first part evaluates FDI trends in recent years. The second examines the investment framework of the country. The third part outlines Ghana's FDI potential and the strategic directions that are needed to tap it. The final part highlights the main conclusions and recommendations for an agenda that should be shaped through dialogue between all stakeholders and implemented by the government in close partnership with the private sector.




Ghana is making a comeback in terms of attracting FDI. An African front-runner in the mid-1990s, Ghana slipped into economic crisis in 1998 and has only recently begun to recover. A renewed sense of purpose and optimism emerged following the country's peaceful transfer of power and the first new political leadership in 20 years. The new Government has pledged to create “a golden age” for business through private sector development, regional integration and good governance. This resolve is being well received by investors, and FDI inflows have picked up to pre-crisis levels.


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