Investment Policy Review - Mauritius

image of Investment Policy Review - Mauritius

The Investment Policy Review of Mauritius gives insight into the country's investment environment and policies. The publication discusses foreign direct investment (FDI) trends and the steadily increasing flow of FDI into Mauritius. It also reviews the investment policy framework, which has improved the business climate; analyzes the attractiveness of Mauritius as a location for FDI and the role that FDI plays in the local economy. It is hoped that the analysis and recommendations presented in this review will contribute to an improvement of policies and promote investment in Mauritius.



Investment potential in selected sectors

Mauritius has the potential to attract FDI of a higher quantity and quality commensurate with the fundamental strengths and opportunities that its economy offers. It ranks second among the African countries on the Africa Competitiveness Index35 and first on Country Credit Rating by Institutional Investor. Among its many strengths, are a record of political stability, good law and order,developed physical infrastructure, a bilingual workforce, strong legal institutions, modern company laws and a liberal and pro-business environment. It is also a signatory to numerous bilateral and multilateral tax and investment treaties.


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