Investment Policy Review - Nigeria

image of Investment Policy Review - Nigeria

Nigeria is well known as a major oil producer. However, oil wealth has not been converted unto a comparable improvement in living standards, due to decades of economic mismanagement. The report provides an overview of foreign direct investment (FDI) trends and performance; analyses the investment framework; outlines a strategy of “supported market forces” to induce and support foreign affiliates in manufacturing to increase their presence in the country and in so doing the contribution to Nigeria’s development. The final chapter summarizes the main findings of the report and the proposed policy recommendations.



FDI statistics in Nigeria

Reliable and timely statistics are essential to properly track FDI flows and assess their role and impact on host and home economies, and formulate sound FDI policies. However, measurement of FDI still constitutes a problem in many countries, particularly in the developing world. In the case of Nigeria, the analysis of FDI trends is seriously handicapped by the quality and availability of data.


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