Investment Policy Review - Peru

image of Investment Policy Review - Peru

Peru's investment climate has dramatically improved in the 1990s. The main objective of the government since 1990 has been to create an economic and political environment that allows privately owned businesses to emerge and develop. Attention must now turn to policies for the next decade that will enhance Peru's potential for FDI. This report examines the strategic directions that would enable the country to continue to attract investment. It emphasizes the need for strategies to deepen the impact of existing FDI and to encourage new investment. This review aims at promoting awareness of the investment environment, and contributes to an improvement in policies in Peru.




Peru's investment climate improved dramatically in the 1990s. The hyperinflation, high government deficits and economic turmoil of the 1980s are long gone. Durability and stability are the cornerstones of the new policy orientation.


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