Investment Policy Review - Republic of Moldova

image of Investment Policy Review - Republic of Moldova

Following independence in 1991, the Republic of Moldova experienced one of the largest and longest-lasting losses of productive capacity among transition economies. The crisis, associated with a severe decline in manufacturing and agricultural activities, lasted throughout the 1990s and spurred an exodus of the working age population. An economic recovery started in the early 2000s and continued throughout the decade, largely fuelled by migrants’ remittances and services. The economy also proved resilient to the recent global crisis, though output remains below its pre-independence level.




The UNCTAD Investment Policy Reviews (IPRs) are intended to help countries improve their investment policies and to familiarize governments and the international private sector with an individual country's investment environment. The reviews are considered by the UNCTAD Commission on Investment, Enterprise and Development. The recommendations of the IPR are then implemented with the technical assistance of UNCTAD. The support to beneficiary countries is delivered through a series of activities which can span over several years.


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