Investment Policy Review - Sierra Leone

image of Investment Policy Review - Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has important investment opportunities and growth potential in various sectors of the economy. The country continues however to bear the impact of the civil war 2002, including in terms of weak economic performance, human capital shortages, deficient infrastructure network and poor image. The investment policy review (IPR) takes note of the open and favourable FDI regulatory regime and of the guarantee against expropriation. It stresses though that the government policy should target the negotiations of a more comprehensive bilateral investment treaty and double taxation treaty network to boost the country's FDI attractiveness. At the request of the Government of Sierra Leone, the report outlines the elements of a strategy to stimulate investment while urging the international community to continue supporting the peace and economic reform processes in Sierra Leone.




The UNCTAD Investment Policy Reviews are intended to help countries improve their investment policies and familiarize governments and the international private sector with an individual country's investment environment. The reviews are considered by the UNCTAD Commission on Investment, Enterprise and Development.


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